i Finance

The online accounting tool for professional contractors

i-Finance has been designed specifically for professional contractors.

i-Finance is structured so that you

  • Operate as a proprietary director of your own limited company. Why is that important?
    • You have greater control over your own money – no 3rd parties controlling the bank account.
    • You have no exposure from Revenue should they move against the umbrella/composite company structures.
    • You can maximise simple tax saving techniques which are not available in a Sole Trader/Umbrella Company structure.
  • We process all the financial administrative tasks relating to your contract – which gives you more time to focus on the things you want to do.
  • We prepare and issue all your client-approved invoices.
  • You dictate how much you want to be paid, we process the payroll for you and make sure all your PAYE/PRSI is correctly deducted and returned on your behalf.
  • We monitor your company bank account and assist you execute a ‘same day payment’ model via online banking into your personal bank account.
  • We offer you up-to-date advice on all allowable business related expenses.
  • We prepare and file all your annual returns (both personal and company related).
  • We advise you on how to financially plan for the future and assist you in selecting the best savings and investment options for you personally.
  • You’ll have your own personal Account Manager who is a qualified accountant as well as a backup contact for those days where you account manager is on holiday – yes we do allow for holidays!
  • We operate a simple flat pay per month model with no start up or close down costs should you end up working as an Employee for a time.
  • Because we operate via a web interface all paperwork is minimised for you.
  • We do all the Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE Returns for you.
  • We don’t charge additional audit or accountancy fees.
  • Best of all – no surprises! We provide you with a real-time view of your financial affairs, so you always know where you stand in relation to money you can take as salary or money that needs to be budgeted for Tax liabilities.
  • i-Finance operates under a flat fixed monthly, pay-as-you-go structure.

For more information please go to www.i-finance.ie or email Mary Power (mpower@westboro.ie)