The new Companies Act 2014 is now in operation and Company Directors need to be informed as to the duties and obligations they are bound by under the Act.

On September 30th 2015 in The Montenotte Hotel Westboro Partners and Baxter & Associates were joined by expert speaker, Brian Walker B.L. Barrister specialising in Company Law, to discuss the companies act and its impact on company directors.

Briefing topics included:

  • The New Single Director Company, Pros and Cons
  • The New Company Secretary “Qualification Test”
  • Avoiding the Statutory Audit, Brand New Provisions, What to Do If You’re Late
  • The Different Company Types
  • 20 Good Reasons why you should change over to the New Simplified Private Company, LTD
  • The New Statutory Duties of Company Directors
  • Taking Money from Your Own Company, new provisions on directors loans