Whether you are an individual, owner manager or company director, building and retaining wealth is of utmost importance.

At Westboro Partners, our team of experienced and qualified tax accountants and advisors provide proactive solutions that are in accordance with requirements, while minimising the impact of taxation of your income, gains, or business profits.

As experienced tax professionals, we provide a comprehensive range of services to suit the needs of our clients. Every case is unique, and we tailor solutions appropriate to each situation, and devise a taxation strategy that best meets your needs. We draw on our extensive experience in all areas of tax planning and taxation to provide you with the most complete tax service.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the following areas of taxation with you:

Personal Tax

We advise our clients on all aspects of personal taxation and taxation planning. It can be a complex area, but the expert tax team at Westboro Partners will ensure that your personal taxes are effectively managed and fully compliant, while providing the most tax efficient solutions for you in the following areas:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Terminations & Redundancy
  • Capital Gains Tax & Capital Acquisition Tax
  • Retirement Planning & Pensions
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Wealth Preservation

We provide comprehensive tax advice for Irish residents, expatriates & individuals planning to move to or from Ireland.

For more information, or a free consultation on personal taxation, please contact Mary Power, Michael Magee or Annemarie Quin

Corporate Tax

At Westboro Partners, we work with companies and organisations of all sectors and sizes to ensuring the most efficient structure for your business activities. Such careful planning can significantly reduce the corporation tax bill, and thereby increase company profits. We have provided effective solutions for our clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate Tax Structures
  • Share Incentive Schemes
  • Taxation of Domestic and Overseas business operations
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales
  • Management Buy Out
  • Maximisation of Capital Allowances

For more information, or further discussion on corporate tax, please contact Mary Power, Michael Magee or Annemarie Quin

International Tax

Westboro Partners has worked with multinationals in Ireland for a number of years, providing important advice on taxation issues to maximise financial return. We also work regularly with indigenous businesses and provide assistance in relation to taxations structures internationally and setting up operations abroad. Our services in this area include:

  • Tax Compliance for Expatriates
  • International Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Taxation of Domestic and Overseas Operations


Every business is required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). Managing VAT payments effectively can provide significant opportunities for cash flow and savings, and conversely inefficient VAT management can represent a major risk and compliance burden for business.

At Westboro Partners, our team of qualified and experienced tax accountants provide an effective service in this field, and are highly proficient in the following areas:

  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT Recovery
  • Advice & Support on VAT Audits
  • VAT on property

R&D Tax Credits

Many businesses are unaware of the R&D Tax Credit that can be accessed by companies undertaking new or additional R&D activity in Ireland. This 25% tax credit, designed to encourage R&D, covers wages, equipment, buildings and overhead costs in relation to R&D activity.

Westboro Partners have submitted a number of R&D tax credit claims on behalf of our clients, and have gathered experience and expertise in this area in a number of industry sectors.

If you would like more information, please contact Mary Power or Annemarie Quin.

Revenue Audits

An Audit by the Revenue Commissioners is a cross-check of the information and figures presented in tax returns against those shown in business records. A Revenue Audit can be very stressful for any business, however at Westboro Partners, we can provide valuable advice and assistance on how to manage a revenue audit and investigation. We will engage with the Revenue Commissioners on your behalf and where necessary, negotiate a viable solution on your behalf.

We recommend a proactive approach to audits, and provide an inspection service that ensures your accounts and activities are in all in order, should such an audit arise. Should you require immediate assistance, our team of experts are on hand to advise and attend the audit on your behalf.

Employment Incentive Schemes

Westboro Partners has significant experience in the area of employment incentive schemes. In the main this relates to share schemes and share option schemes which act as tax-efficient incentives and rewards for key staff. Such schemes benefit both the employer and the employee where such schemes are linked to appropriate performance-related targets. Westboro Partners can advise on the various schemes available and assist you in the choice of the most appropriate scheme for your company. Westboro Partners will also assist with the implementation and on-going administration issues associated with the relevant scheme.

Corporate Cash Extraction Schemes

Westboro Partners regularly works with our clients in the area of corporate cash extraction. We take an experienced and pragmatic approach to extracting cash from your company, and involve a number of strategies (salary, dividends, equity release, capital gains, pension) depending on each case and the tax bands and credits that apply.

For more information, or a free consultation, contact Mary Power, Michael Magee or Annemarie Quin.