At Westboro Partners, we understand that payroll can be an arduous, complicated and time consuming activity for businesses, large and small. With recent changes in employment and revenue legislation, it can be difficult to manage and update all aspects of your business finances. Many firms now prefer to outsource their payroll to Westboro Partners, where our team of qualified and experienced accountants can manage your payroll and related filings efficiently for you.

With Westboro Partners as your payroll partners, we guarantee that your business will be fully compliant in terms of payroll requirements. Employees will have a confidential, reliable and efficient payroll system, and your business will save time, money and the stress that payroll management can cause.

Our service, tailored specifically to your company needs includes:

  • Set up of dedicated and confidential payroll information
  • Calculation of PAYE, PRSI, USC, pensions and other deductions
  • Calculation of Benefit in Kind for employees
  • Preparation of desired payment frequencies, including weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.
  • Provision of payslips
  • Electronic payments (EFT) to employee bank accounts from client account
  • Calculation of annual leave and holiday leave entitlements
  • Calculation of Maternity and Sick Leave payroll cover
  • Calculation of P30, P60, P35 information for each employee
  • Executive Payroll Services
  • Provision of Payroll report for client reference, payroll analysis etc.
  • Regular updates on buget and payroll changes

For more information please contact, Mary Power, 021 4500568 or email

By outsourcing your payroll to Westboro Partners, you can carry on with what you do best – Running your business.