Since April 4th, landlords must register all tenancies annually within one month of when the tenancy began.

Landlords of private rented accommodation, social housing provided by Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) and landlords of Student Specific Accommodation (SSA) have always been required to register their tenancies with the RTB within one month of a tenancy starting.

The cost to register tenancies will be €40 per year for private rentals, cost rentals and Student Specific Accommodation (SSA) rentals. The yearly fee for tenancies managed by App

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roved Housing Bodies (AHBs) will be €20 per year.

To assist landlords in this changeover to annual registration, the RTB said there will be a four-month transition period for tenancies which have renewal anniversaries between 4 April and 3 July 2022. It said this transition period ends on 3 August 2022.The RTB pointed out that this new law also introduces a new “late fee” structure.

This means that as from 4 August 2022, late fees will accumulate for every month that a landlord is late in registering a tenancy. Once the four-month transition period expires, landlords who do not register annually will incur late fees of €10 for every month the registration fee is late (for private, cost rental and SSA rentals) and €5 per month for AHB tenancies. If late fees are not paid, landlords could incur a fine of €4,000 and/or civil sanctions of up to €15,000 plus costs of up to €15,000.

According to the RTB, the introduction of annual registration will enable them to regulate the sector more effectively.