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National Contractors Project Briefing

November 18, 2013

National Contractors Project Briefing

National Contractors Project Briefing

A Westboro Partners Briefing for Contractors in the Region took place in The
Clarion Hotel, Tuesday 3rd December from 5.30pm – 8.00pm

 Pictured on the right are Eoin O'Domhnaill, Mary Power Westboro Partners & Anthony Casey

Guest Speakers: Eoin O’Domhnaill, Principal Officer, Cork South West District & Regional Office, Revenue Commissioners & Tony Buckley Assistant Secretary, South West Region.

Dubbed the “National Contractors Project”, the Revenue Commissioners have been targeting small service providers or single member companies with audits, particularly where high levels of tax-free deductions from gross income” have been claimed. It appears that this Project has been triggered by instances of service companies paying high amounts of expenses to their employees. Currently underway across the country, the Revenue’s Project has particular implications for Contractors, which includes agency workers, contract employees and self employed contractors.
This briefing set out the implications for contractors, and allowed them to hear firsthand from the Revenue the rationale behind the recent audits and enforcement, as well as clarifications on common contractor practices in terms of expenses, and tax-free deductions.

Pictured right are John O'Sullivan, Westboro Partners and Eoin O'Domhnaill, Revenue Commissioners


Pictured right are Debbie Collins and Marie Harding both of Westboro Partners








Pictured right are Annemarie Quin & Orla Molloy both of Westboro Partners